Player Opportunities

Dear Player / Coach:

The WASHINGTON GENERALS basketball team is seeking quality players of outstanding character to tour within the United States and the world with the famous Harlem Globetrotters.

This is an outstanding opportunity to break into professional basketball while playing for a 60 + year nationally recognized organization.

The Generals have played in over 120 countries, making them one of the most traveled basketball teams in history and have assisted the Trotters in pioneering basketball around the world. We play the game at a very high level and push the Trotters to play their best. The Generals serve an important role in the Globetrotters tours and realize the final score does not always define winners.

The Generals provide an excellent opportunity to pursue a basketball career, in a stable and professional environment, while receiving a competitive salary and visiting many exotic locales.

Europe, Asia, South America and China are among locations the Generals have helped introduce basketball and continue to visit regularly. In addition, many Generals make contacts enabling them to play for professional teams, both US and international, or to secure coaching positions and professional careers.

An ideal prospect for the WASHINGTON GENERALS can strike a balance between sports and entertainment. He must be an intelligent and fundamentally sound player, has completed all of his NCAA eligibility and is in possession of a valid US passport. Interested players must also submit references and game footage.

Please contact John Ferrari at for information.